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Criminal proceedings
A criminal case is a case initiated in accordance with the procedure established by law in case of detection of signs of a crime. The criminal case is considered and resolved by the court based on the materials of the inquiry and preliminary investigation
Family matters
Family legal relations are relations that are regulated by family law and appear at the conclusion / dissolution of marriage, consanguinity, adoption, motherhood, etc.
Civil cases
A civil case is a legal issue arising from civil, family, labor, land or other law, and requiring consideration and resolution by a jurisdictional body in accordance with the procedure established for this. A civil case is also often referred to as a judicial review of such matters.
Administrative Lawyer
An administrative lawyer or as it is also called an administrative lawyer (lawyer) is a specialist in the field of administrative disputes. The field of activity of a lawyer or lawyer in administrative cases lies in two planes.
Business Lawyer
A business lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal services for businesses and resolves disagreements that have arisen between business entities, enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.
Credit lawyer
A loan lawyer is a lawyer who solves the problems of debtors to banks, financial institutions, and other creditors.
Auto lawyer
An accident lawyer (also known as a car lawyer or car lawyer) is a specialist who provides legal assistance to a client in matters related to a vehicle and an accident. This is a lawyer savvy in the relevant legislation: traffic rules, the Law on Consumer Rights Protection, the Federal Law on Valuation Activities, OSAGO Rules, procedural legislation (CPC RF).
The results of our cases
Helped recover $10,000 from a fraudster
What happened: The land owner wanted to sell it for $12,000. According to acquaintances, he turned for help to a real estate agent, who turned out to be a scammer. He took money from the buyer, but gave the owner of the site only a small part of it. What has been done?,... read more
$100 fine with no criminal record, where initially threatened up to 3 years in prison
What happened: a man beat a drunk offender of his girlfriend with a bat. A criminal case was initiated under Part 2 of Article 112 of the Criminal Code

What threatened: up to 5 years in prison.
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Achieved acquittal for murder
What happened: the woman fell from the window of the house and died. Her previously convicted husband was accused of throwing her out of a window. A case was initiated under two articles, one of them -
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Alexander Perlov
Rights Protection
Thank you very much for your professionalism and accuracy. This stressful situation ended up as smoothly as possible and without nerves.
Petr Yakovlev
Pre-trial decision of the case
There are many subtleties that are not known without an experienced lawyer. I did the right thing by taking a consultation first.
Anna Semenova
Property division
You just saved me when I got into an accident. They fully defended my rights and in the end I did not have to pay anything.
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